Templates Library

Get your research started with these test templates covering usability, surveys, prototypes, branding and more.

Website usability test template

Gain insight into your live website’s usability (and more)

Competitor website usability test template

Gain insight into your competitor’s website usability (and more)

Customer exit survey template

Find out why customers stopped using a product

Customer feedback questionnaire template

Discover product needs or validate product decisions

Date template

A simple way to collect dates in your research

Design feedback survey template

See what users (or stakeholders) low-key think of your design

Design preference test template

Multiple choice, but with designs and images

Email template

A simple way to collect emails for list building

Email subject line testing template

Discover the best performing email subject line and designs before going live

Figma prototype checkout flow test template

Find out whether your designs convert customers

Figma interactive component test template

Get feedback on individual Figma components

First click test template

See how well users are able to find something

First impression test template

Gauge users' initial thoughts and feelings

5 second test template

Observe users’ initial thoughts or behaviours

Landing page preference test template

Determine which page design would lead to better results

Logo testing survey template

Find the perfect logo for your new product

Multiple-choice question template

A question with multiple locked answers

NPS survey (Net Promoter Score®) template

Learn about your brand’s reputation (or another brand’s reputation before comparing it to yours)

Onboarding flow test template

Understand how you can improve your customers first-time use experience

Open-ended question template

A question that respondents can answer freely

Paper prototype test template

Validate your sketches before jumping into visuals

Price sensitivity survey template

Discover how to price a product or service

Pricing page test template

Find the right pricing and packaging for your product

Product-Market Fit (PMF) survey template

Get insights into the market demand of your product

Product onboarding template

Acquire product insights from potential customers

Product update and changelog template

A simple way to keep your users in the loop with product changes

Prototype test template

Measure the usability of user flows or task flows and gain stakeholder feedback

Rating scale template

Evaluate individual or collective opinion

System Usability Scale (SUS) template

Measure the overall usability of products or services

Tagline test template

Discover what messaging drives better conversion

User persona survey template

Build pictures of the different types of people that use a product

Yes/no question template

A simple ‘yes or no’ question

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