Faster, easier and more inclusive research tools for every team.
Powered by surveys, tasks and video.

Ballpark is the easiest way to understand how your customers really feel. Ask questions, create interactive tasks and record responses by text, audio or video. All powered by real-time insights.

A super simple survey builder for your whole team

Make surveys in minutes with our simple builder. Select from dozens of different question types and templates from multiple choice, ratings and text input.

Combine any task, design or prototype with survey questions to get feedback on pretty much anything!

Give your survey superpowers by adding video and screen recording

Ballpark has full video and audio recording capabilities meaning that participants can provide additional context to their answers.

You can also enable screen recording, allowing you to view any question or task through the eyes of the participant.

There’s no plugins or installs needed, everything works directly in the browser!

Micro-tasks allow participants to ‘do’ rather than just ‘say’

Actions speak louder than words. There’s only so much information that a text-based answer can give you.

That’s why we’ve created micro-tasks, a new way to get participants to carry out an action alongside any question, such as completing a task on a prototype or live website, picking a preference or recalling information from memory.

Our deep integration with Figma prototypes allows you track clicks, set goals and view heatmaps

Ballpark fits right into your design workflow with a deep integration with Figma that allows you to get insights before jumping to code.

We don’t just display your prototype, but track every click, goal conversion and much more.

Add unlimited team members for free

Our mission is to democratise research and make it accessible for everyone in your business.

That’s why Ballpark comes with unlimited team members for free on every plan so that you can invite anyone in your business, from the executive team to product and marketing.

Make your research more personal with video guides

Video guides enable you to add your own pre-recorded video to help participants provide high quality answers, making it easier to provide context and improve motivation.

Scale to hundreds or even thousands of participants with a single test and get rich, detailed feedback without needing to be there in person.

Real-time summaries, design metrics and more

Our summary view gives you quick access to aggregated data from your results which you can also share with your team.

If you’re testing prototypes or designs, you’ll also be able to view heatmaps, metrics and bounce rates, task responses and much more.

Multiplayer editing with your team

Our editor is built with collaboration in mind and allows multiple people to work side-by-side.

Perfect for working with large teams on fast-moving projects.

No apps required

We know that any distractions for your participants can impact the final result.

That’s why Ballpark uses no apps or plugins to gather feedback in text, audio or video formats.

We use common technology available within popular browsers meaning less friction for your participants and better results for you.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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