Ballpark for Video Surveys

Create interactive video surveys

Video surveys combine survey questions with the ability for participants to respond with video and audio feedback

Dozens of different survey questions and tasks

Quickly put together a multiple choice survey, NPS survey or even set tasks such as image preference tests.

Ballpark has dozens of combinations to help you create the perfect video survey.

Empower participants to respond using video and audio feedback

Now for the fun part! Once your survey is complete you can choose the points where you would like your participant to submit feedback via video.

You can choose from enabling their front-facing camera, microphone and even screen recording!

Guide participants through your questions with video guides

Add pre-recorded video instructions alongside your questions and tasks to encourage better responses.

Video guides make your surveys feel more personal and give you the opportunity to give more context to your questions. See how video guides have been used in this product update template.

Watch each responses or share with team members

Read and replay every response to your questions, including transcriptions.

Share links to video clips with stakeholders so everyone gets the power of direct customer insights.

Get summary reports of your surveys

The response dashboard is your go-to zone for viewing, filtering and searching the feedback on your survey.

See how your questions and tasks are performing in real-time with key metrics displayed right next to the responses.

Need to dive in deeper? Click on any individual response to jump to that exact timestamp in the recording.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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