Ballpark for Concept Testing

Test your design concepts before investing in production

Concept testing enables teams to move quickly between idea, design and development by capturing customer insights that can be implemented rapidly in the next iteration.

Capture feedback on your ideas

During the early stage of product development speed and efficiency helps teams to move fast and make quick decisions.

Low fidelity designs such as sketches, wireframes or mockups demonstrate product ideas that can be tested and easily modified.

Move just as fast with product testing by capturing video or audio feedback on your mockups. Watch as your users interact and provide insights as you move on to design.

Extract deep insights from prototypes

Once you’ve completed concept testing on your sketches, share higher fidelity prototypes to test usability and user satisfaction.

Embed either a Marvel or Figma prototype with the option of video guides to add context to your participants and ensure quality insights.

Deeper analysis with survey questions

Combined with prototypes, survey questions allow users to explain feedback in detail plus additional context on their workflow and how your product fits within it.

Ask your participants what steps they would do before using your product? What would they use alongside it? What’s their biggest challenge within this workflow?

Align stakeholders with results

Sharing the results of product testing aligns stakeholders to the value of research and the feature.

Easily share your research dashboard to show feedback, results on preferred designs, percentage of goals completed and more.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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