Ballpark for Design Surveys

Gather deep insights with task-driven design surveys

Design surveys are a powerful way to gather feedback on everything from early stage concepts to finalised designs

Ask participants to pick their preferred design

Preference tests allows you to put multiple designs in front of participants alongside a question, then ask them to choose one or more.

It's great for picking the best (or worst) designs, landing pages, icons, buttons and call-to-actions and you can use our preference test template to get started.

Discover how memorable your designs are with 5-second tests

Show your designs to participants for a set amount of time, then follow up with questions to test memory recall.

This allows you to quickly understand the memorablity of your design or messaging alongside user expectations.

Track ease-of-use with First Click tests and heatmaps

Ask participants to complete a task on your design such as ‘Where would you click to book your flight’ then track where they placed their first click.

Ballpark also gives you heatmaps of each screen used in prototypes so you can see exactly what parts of your designs are getting the most attention.

Video guides help give questions more context

Add pre-recorded video to each question in your design survey to help guide participants through each step.

Video guides make every survey more human, bridging the gap between unmoderated and moderated testing, without filling up your calendar.

Get real-time summaries or deep dive into every result

Your response dashboard gives you a quick way to see how each of your questions are performing.

View aggregated data from your surveys. If you want to dig in deeper, you can view each individual response including audio and video feedback.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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