Faster, easier and more inclusive user testing tools for every team

By making research faster, easier and more inclusive, Ballpark Enterprise gives everyone the power to get the answers that result in better customer experiences.

    Build a customer-focused culture through accessible research

    There’s no limit on how many people you can add from your company, meaning every team gets a seat at the table and moves faster, together

    • Add unlimited team members and work together
    • Collaborate in real-time in our super simple builder
    • Invite clients and stakeholders to projects to review results and insights

    Micro-tasks allow participants to ‘do’ rather than just ‘say’

    We know that actions speak louder than words, and there’s only so much information that a text-based answer can give you.

    That’s why we’ve created micro-tasks, a new way to add actions to your user test, such as a first click test, completing a task on a prototype or live website, picking a preference or recalling information from memory.

    • Dozens of survey questions, tasks and templates
    • Watch how participants use your designs, website or anything else on their computer through screen recording
    • Request audio and video feedback from participants

    Video guides make unmoderated research more human

    Unmoderated user testing is great for scale but often provides lower quality results as you can’t be there to add the context required

    We’ve solved that by enabling you to add your own pre-recorded audio or video alongside questions and tasks, helping participants provide the best possible answers.

    • Add pre-recorded video alongside questions and tasks
    • Unmoderated user testing with moderated quality
    • Scale high-quality research without the effort of 1-on-1 calls

    Test and validate Marvel and Figma prototypes

    Eliminate guesswork with our Marvel and Figma integration. Validate your wireframes, mockups and hi-fidelity prototypes by simply pasting a link.

    Add survey questions and video guides alongside your prototype to get super rich and detailed feedback at the concept stage.

    • Support for multiple tasks across multiple prototypes
    • Set a goal and track completion
    • Record the screen and front-facing camera during the user test and see every click.

    No code, no installs, no apps and no plugins

    The more barriers you put in front of your participants, the harder it is to get feedback. That why user testing with Enterprise is app-free and as simple as sending a link.

    • Nothing to install for the participant on mobile or desktop browsers
    • No code or installations for you, just send a link

    Your security and compliance needs covered

    Ballpark Enterprise provides above industry standard security to protect your work and data. We are EU hosted, GDPR compliant and provide enhanced protection features such as Single Sign-On and access locks to secure projects.

    Activity log exports

    Keep an offline record of Ballpark activity so you can refer back to it any time you need to

    GDPR compliant

    We're committed to meeting our legal obligation and protecting the data rights of our customers

    SAML-based SSO

    Ballpark Enterprise gives your business several layers of security to their accounts

    IP Restriction & granular access

    Restrict access by ensuring only users on a specific IP address can access your Ballpark account

    99.98% Uptime SLA

    Our distributed infrastructure means you get the best and most reliable experience possible

    EU Hosted Infrastructure

    Our data center maintains multiple certifications including SOC1, SOC 2, SOC 3, ISO27001

    Ballpark Enterprise helps you democratise research and turn everyone into a citizen researcher

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