Product updates

New updates and improvements to Ballpark.

Product updates

New updates and improvements to Ballpark.

Product updates

New updates and improvements to Ballpark.

Product updates

New updates and improvements to Ballpark.

If you need to purchase more participants to take your tests, you can now do that in-app!

Head to the 'Buy minutes' button on the recruit tab or head to this link.

For larger purchases of $500+ we support invoice billing too!


We are extremely pleased to announce that Ballpark has obtained SOC2 Type II attestation, showcasing our commitment to security and regulatory compliance.

Following an independent review by an accredited independent auditor, Ballpark received its report with zero exceptions, demonstrating how seriously we take our customers data.

What this means for you

All Ballpark customers enjoy the advantages of our strengthened security and compliance efforts. We offer a copy of Ballpark's SOC 2 Type II report to our customers and potential clients, provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We've just shipped some much requested updates for screeners!

The goal was to give you visibility on your screener data both in the summary and responses views.

We've also added customisation options for the screeners themselves, including randomise, single or multiple selection, exact or range-bases choices.

What's in the release?

  • Customise screeners - Enable Randomise choices, multiple selection and 'Other' options

  • Screener performance - View number of screened, qualified and disqualified participants at a glance

  • Screener summary - View aggregate reporting on screener answers in the summary tab

  • Screener responses - You can now see the individual answers to screener questions in the participant view

  • Screener data download - Participant responses to screener questions is now included in the CSV download


Screeners allow you to qualify or disqualify participants based on multi-choice questions they answer before reaching your survey or test. That leads to higher quality feedback and more meaningful insights.

Note: Screeners are available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

How to get started:

  1. Go to any project

  2. Press Add step and scroll down to select Screeners

  3. There will be a new section with an Introduction step, a Screener question and a Declined step

  4. Enter your screener question choose how you would like the participant to proceed based on each option

We heard from many of you that you only want responses that contain video, audio or screen recording and disable the ability for participants to skip or block access to recording the session.

You can now block participants from starting your survey or test if they do not allow permission to record their camera and screen.

How to use

  1. Click record on the left-hand sidebar

  2. On the newly added step, click Options

  3. Change the setting to required

We've made it easier for participants to set up their camera, microphone and screen by reducing the steps required from two to just one.

Now on the same screen participants can quickly give permission for Ballpark to start recording.

On top of that, you can even edit the text on the permission step!

How to use

  1. Click record on the left-hand sidebar

  2. On the newly added step, edit the text

18 February 2023


If you need to test designs or prototypes on a specific device, you can now restrict the type of devices allowed to access your link.

How to use

  1. Go to any project

  2. Click Settings (gear icon)

  3. Toggle restrictions


We've improved the the stats under eat step in the summary view to better visualise how participants move through the steps in your survey or test.

The new stats are

  • How many participants entered the step

  • How many participants exited the test at the step

  • The drop-off rate

These statistics help you optimise and refine your study to ensure you convert as many participants to responses as possible.


Want to stop your survey or test from receiving new responses? Our new Pause feature has you covered.

With a single click, you can block participants and inform them that your project is no longer open to new responses.

How to pause a project

  1. Go to any project

  2. Click Settings (gear icon)

  3. Select the switch to turn pause project to on

  4. You will now see the project status as paused, along with a timestamp to show when the pause was activated.

Note: The recruit tab will be unavailable until you unpause your project

New Feature

You can now pick a component state as your task goal 🤯. This opens the door to unlimited possibilities when testing your prototypes and design systems.

Now once you add a Figma prototype, you'll see a dedicated 'Interactive component' tab in the goal picker.

16 February 2023


It's finally here! You can now download video and audio responses to store in your repositories like Dovetail or share with your team.

Simply click the download icon on any audio or video clip (Available on Business and Enterprise plans)

How to download videos:

  1. Go to your project

  2. Click Responses

  3. To view any individual participant response, hover over any row and click View response button on the left

  4. On the video, click the download icon (down arrow)