Customer feedback questionnaire template

Discover product needs or validate product decisions


Customer feedback questionnaire template

Discover product needs or validate product decisions

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What is a customer feedback questionnaire?

A customer feedback questionnaire is a product-focused questionnaire that helps organizations listen to the voices of their customers and stay on top of their wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and overall opinions and feedback.

Why are customer feedback questionnaires used?

Customer feedback questionnaires are used to discover product needs (or validate product decisions that were made based on feedback from earlier customer feedback questionnaires), improving the customer and/or user experience (or helping it to stay awesome!).

It’s important to conduct customer feedback questionnaires on a regular basis as customer and user needs may change over time and it’s critical for organizations to be able to pivot when necessary.

Who uses customer feedback questionnaires?

Anybody that’s responsible for the product experience (or a part of it) can use customer feedback questionnaires to better understand who uses the product, what they use it for, what they think and feel about it, and what they would change about it (if anything).

What types of data does the customer feedback questionnaire yield?

Our customer feedback questionnaire template yields a mix of quantitative data (which can be used to track improvement over time) and qualitative data (which can be used to make informed decisions about the product). The two types of data combined make this questionnaire a customer satisfaction questionnaire but with useful insights and added context that explain the reasoning behind the respondents satisfaction levels.

What questions are in the customer feedback questionnaire template?

The first and overarching question is “Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our product?”, a quantitative question that customers can answer on a scale ranging from 1 (meaning “Very dissatisfied”) to 5 (meaning “Very satisfied”), with an ambivalent “Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” answer in the middle. The averaged answer to this question is the most important metric for tracking improvement over time.

The second question, “Which of the following would you use to describe our product? You can select multiple.”, helps to narrow down what’s good or bad about the product overall, conveniently providing respondents with options to answer with (e.g. “High quality” or “Good value for money”) without enabling them to go into too much detail. This question can be qualitative and quantitative.

The set of questions that follow relate to how well the product meets customer or user needs as well as its quality and value for money, all of which are quantitative ‘on a scale of 1-5’ questions.

To wrap up the questionnaire, there are also some ‘added context’ questions such as “How long have you been a customer of our product?” (users of B2B products can answer with “I’m not a customer”) and “How would you rate the support you have received?”.

In addition to the standard template questions, you might want to customize the template by adding some extra questions to gain even more insight. For example, here are some questions that can provide more qualitative insight:

  • What challenges are you trying to solve with this product?

  • What drove you to look for an alternative tool?

  • Which features do you use the most?

  • What is stopping you from using this product more frequently?

This template is suitable for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) products where users acquire the product for themselves and Business-to-Business (B2B) products where the customer is an organization that acquires the product on behalf of its users. Both users and customers should be able to answer the majority of the questions, however they may answer from different perspectives (especially where value for money is concerned), so you might want to ask respondents whether they’re a user or a customer and then segment the results based on this.

For more granular feedback you could also ask about the respondents role, since even different roles can have wildly different feelings about a product. For example, a manager that checks timesheets would use a time tracking app very differently to somebody that’s required to log their time.

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