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Measure the overall usability of products

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A system usability scale can be used to measure the overall usability of products. While it can’t be used to diagnose usability issues, it can determine when usability needs to be improved and suggest which aspects of usability require special attention (e.g. simplicity, learnability, etc.).

The survey consists of 10 statements, such as, “I found the product unnecessarily complex.” Respondents are expected to rate these statements on a scale of 1-5, with “1” meaning “Strongly disagree” and “5” meaning “Strongly agree.” Each respondent’s total answers are then equated to a score between 1-100.

3 great ways to use our system usability scale template

  • Determine the urgency of usability improvements
  • Discover which aspects of usability need attention
  • Measure usability improvement/diminishment over time

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