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A product-market fit survey should ask customers how disappointed they’d be if they could no longer use your product. The respondent should choose only one answer from the following list of 4 possible answers:

  • Very disappointed
  • Somewhat disappointed
  • Not disappointed
  • I no longer use [product]

Once all of the respondents have answered, the survey results should then be quantified as the total percentage of respondents who chose “very disappointed”. If this percentage score is 40% or above then the product has likely reached ‘product-market fit’, making it easier for it to gain traction if the product was scaled.

Additional (more qualitative) questions can be asked in order to find out why the customer chose their answer.

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Our product-market fit survey template provides an ultra-simple framework for assessing product-market fit, plus additional context and insight into next steps.

  • Discover your product’s product-market fit score quickly
  • Find out if it’s the right time to scale
  • Find out what can be changed (if anything) to raise the score

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