Prototype testing

Figma prototype checkout flow test template

Find out whether your designs convert customers

Prototype testing

Figma prototype checkout flow test template

Find out whether your designs convert customers

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Prototype testing

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What is a checkout flow?

The checkout flow is arguably one of the most important aspects of any ecommerce website or app and the need to create a consistent checkout experience is higher than ever.

A checkout flow is a series of steps that a potential customer needs to follow in order to pay for the product they (hopefully) want to buy on your ecommerce site.

Pretty much every checkout flow starts with clicking on an eye-catching “add to cart” button and ends post-payment with a “thank you” or “order confirmation” page.

Why is it important to test your checkout flow?

Out of all the metrics you’ll be tracking on your site, to increase conversion rate is the ultimate goal. If you can boost your checkout completion rate by even five percent, you’ve made a significant difference to your investment return on.

So if a potential buyer experiences a poor checkout flow, this can subsequently result in an abandoned online cart which as a business owner, is the last thing you want right?

By using the Figma prototype checkout flow test template in Ballpark you can gain lots of insights into whether the checkout design is too complicated, too long or ineffective. Then by using the insights gathered you can essentially understand what needs to be improved to make the user experience hassle-free.

What data does the Figma prototype checkout flow test provide?

Ballpark tracks how many participants reach the payment confirmation page in your Figma prototype checkout flow. Plus we can record the participant’s audio, webcam and screen so you can see exactly if and/or where they ran into any problems by reviewing the recordings. Heatmaps will also show you which areas users clicked (or misclicked) and focused on for each screen.

What questions are in the Figma prototype checkout flow test template?

The Ballpark prototype checkout flow template begins with a detailed instruction step asking participants to add a particular item to the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout flow to complete the purchase.

Please read:

In order for your Figma prototype checkout flow test to be successful and convert highly you need to ensure you’ve optimised the Figma prototype first.

Not sure where to start? No worries. We’ve put together a guide for both Marvel and Figma prototypes to ensure your participants have a great, speedy experience when testing and generate the answers you need for your checkout design test.

The Figma prototype test template beings with asking respondents to rate their experience with the checkout flow on a scale of 1 (not user friendly) to 10 (very user friendly). The answers from this numerical rating scale step allow you to compare customer responses in a quantitative way that depicts their satisfaction with the checkout flow. An average of the results would help determine if your checkout design is effective, can be compared to your ecommerce competitors, and be tracked over time as you make your improvements.

Multiple choice questions are a key part of any Ballpark project creation and have proven themselves to be very popular as they’re easy for participants to answer, and easy for researchers, like you, to create and analyse. They’re also a more reliable means of assessment than a simple yes/no or true/false step as they’re less susceptible to guessing. Therefore, we made sure to ask how intuitive users found the checkout flow of the Figma prototype to be as the penultimate step of the checkout flow template.

To wrap up the Figma prototype checkout flow template we ask the user to provide extra context surrounding what they believe can be done to improve the checkout flow process. Maybe the participant wants to expand on a previous answer? Maybe they didn’t feel like any of the questions really captured their view? This is the step to find any more of those special nuggets of information. You could even set audio recording on this step and ask that they speak out loud so their answer feels human and less restricted.

Et voila!

As with all the templates available in Ballpark, they are customizable so you can reorder or add as many additional questions as you like.

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