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Pricing and packaging your digital product is one of the most challenging aspects of creating any SaaS or consumer-facing business. But of course, it’s extremely challenging to get right.

You’ll often find that changing pricing isn’t trivial - the technical and design work involved can sometimes take weeks and months, so you want to make sure you’re on the right track before you start.

Multiple factors attract users to a certain plan on your pricing page, including the design decisions you make. Whether you show annual or monthly pricing first, put your cheapest plan on the far left or right of the screen or display your best features or every feature. The list goes on and on.

And remember, pricing is never static, it should constantly evolve with your product and customers.

This template gives you several pre-made questions and steps to inspire your pricing page research. If you’re looking to find out the price your customers (or potential customers) are willing to pay, check out our price sensitivity template.

6 great ways to use our pricing page test template

  • Understand the best layout and design of your pricing page
  • Test different call-to-actions and copy variations
  • Discover whether you’re more successful to be benefit or feature-led
  • Quickly test the difference between usage-based or seat-based pricing
  • A/B Test your pricing page designs
  • Test your pricing in different markets

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