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Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on questions, marketing copy, designs and prototypes using task driven questions.

Multiple-choice questions ask respondents to choose one answer from a selection of locked answers, or any number of answers if multiple selections are allowed.

3 great ways to use our multiple-choice question template

Multiple-choice questions are useful for making democratic decisions that otherwise might require a lot of debate, as respondents can answer them easily and quickly. Multiple-choice questions can be handy in a variety of scenarios; here are three examples:

  • Ask respondents to nominate the next feature that’ll be built (from a list of feature requests)
  • Ask respondents which section of an app or website could be improved (e.g. signup, search, booking)
  • Ask respondents demographical questions with only few answers (e.g. “Which mobile OS do you use?”)

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