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Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on questions, marketing copy, designs and prototypes using task driven questions.

Product onboarding is the process of introducing your features, app or website to users after they sign-up.

A great onboarding experience allows a user to quickly understand how to use your core features and hopefully, become activated and retained.

Often the best time to do this is within seconds of that user signing up to your product as that is when you have their maximum (yet limited) attention.

Get it right and they could be your next power user!

This template gives you an example of how you can use a Figma prototype embedded into Ballpark to test your onboarding flow before going into production. You can ask questions along the way and get feedback on the participants’ experiences.

5 great ways to use our onboarding flow template

  • Refine and optimise your onboarding flow before going live
  • Discover whether the design of your onboarding flow is likely to convert users by tracking tasks and goal completion
  • Track duration to complete the goal of signing up and create a benchmark
  • Follow-up with targeted survey questions about their experience signing up
  • Test your competitors' website sign-up flows and discover their strengths and weaknesses

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