Product update and changelog template

A simple way to keep your users in the loop with product changes

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Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on questions, marketing copy, designs and prototypes using task driven questions.

Keep your users up-to-date with new product releases by sending our interactive product update template, enabling you to give a tour of new features in your changelog.

Our video guides feature allows you to add a pre-recorded video to each new feature to explain how it works and when to use it. The videos can sit alongside product images, prototypes, questions and tasks.

You can also add interactive prototypes to the template so that users can try the feature without signing in.

Open questions, multiple-choice and rating steps allow you to ask questions and gather feedback on features or suggestions for the roadmap.

4 great ways to use the product update template

  • Keep users (or potential users) a chance to try out new features using Figma or Marvel prototypes without needing to sign in
  • Give guided tours of new product features using video guides
  • Gather feedback on your updates and what users would like to see next
  • Collect email addresses to build lists of people interested in trying beta releases

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