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Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on questions, marketing copy, designs and prototypes using task driven questions.

Paper prototypes are invaluable when you’re trying to explore your design ideas, before going on to develop more complex mock-ups. Use them early in your process to help you understand what users need and what your service needs to offer.

Using this Ballpark template in conjunction with your low-fidelity prototype means it’s the perfect research method for early-stage concepts and non-designers as all you need is pen and paper!

4 great ways to use the paper prototype test template

  • Validate concepts at a super early stage and move faster
  • Perfect for non-designers testing out hand draw wireframes, designs and ideas
  • It doesn’t have to be an app or website - test anything that you can draw including concept sketches of physical items, buildings and logos
  • At the final stage of a design thinking process when you’re ready to test

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