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See how well users are able to find something

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Ballpark is the fastest way to capture high-quality feedback on questions, marketing copy, designs and prototypes using task driven questions.

First click tests reveal how well users are able to find something (initiate the first step of a user or task flow). They indicate if something is wrong with the UX copy, location, or visual affordance of the tap target(s). If the user or task flow can be initiated in many ways, the most favoured one will become obvious.

Quantitative metrics include ‘time to first click’ and ‘success rate’, both of which can be tracked to help measure improvement over time.

Qualitative metrics include written feedback.

3 great ways to use our first click test template

  • See if users are able to find something
  • Quantitatively track improvement over time
  • Get a rough idea of what needs to change (if anything) based on users’ behaviours and an even better idea based on written feedback

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