Recruit participants from a global pool of 92,000 and get responses in hours

Launch your research to our pool of quality testers or share with your own customers for high-quality insights on designs, prototypes, live websites and marketing assets.

Over 200 targeting attributes to choose from, including health and finance

Find your perfect group of participants with over 200 targeting attributes, including employment, health, leisure and even shopping habits

Target your ideal customer and get product insights that’ll influence decision-making.

See full list of attributes here.

Combine any task, design or prototype with survey questions to get feedback on pretty much anything!

Quality participants, high-quality results

Our partners ensure that they recruit participants that meet quality standards through verification and ID checks.

We only work with partners who believe in ethical rewards and understand that fair pay leads to better response quality.

Results in hours, not days

The average study on Ballpark is completed within 2 hours, giving you the ability to move faster as a team.

Perfect for making decisions inbetween sprints!

Already know your audience? Bring your own participants to Ballpark.

As well as using the Ballpark to recruit participants you can also share a link to your project with your own customers.

Hear their thoughts on your product experience, branding and more. There are no limits to the number of responses from your users so you can democratise research within your organisation.

Discounted pricing as you grow

Recruiting participants through Ballpark costs $1 per minute of testing. So if you have 5 participants testing a project for 5 minutes that would work out as $25.

Each plan comes with free minutes to get you started and as your research needs grow, you can take advantage of volume discounts!

Unlimited team members on all plans

We aim to democratise research, making it accessible for everyone in your team to recruit participants and run research.

Which is why you can add unlimited team members to your Ballpark account for free on every plan. Start inviting anyone from your business into research from the executive team to product and marketing.

No apps needed

Distractions to your participants impact the quality of the results.

That’s why we use no apps or plugins when we gather any of the feedback in text, audio or video formats.

Using common technology available in browsers we’re able to provide less friction and better results.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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