Ballpark for Copy Testing

Create messaging backed by customer insights

Knowing your audience and what resonates with them not only makes your messaging more relevant but has the power to drive growth. Which is why generating Marketing insights through user research is vital to creating successful campaigns.

Measure how memorable your copy is

You may only have seconds to grab your readers attention. Run recall tests with our tagline template to understand if your copy is memorable enough to drive results.

Can you remember the brand you just saw? What was the product it was describing? What was the messaging telling you to do?

Gain marketing insights with surveys and tasks

Ensure messaging is compelling by understanding how your users think.

Create surveys to discover their pain points, ask them to rank features in order of priority or pick their preference over different headlines.

No more guessing what messaging will convert before launch day.

A/B testing without the hassle of live assets

Emails, webpages, PPC ads, these are all a/b tested once they’re live and then there’s no option to ask follow up questions.

Show Figma or Marvel prototypes of your designs and marketing assets, watch as they interact and ask follow up questions.

Ask them to pick their favourite asset, ask how likely are you to open this email? Why are you not interested in this subject line? Would you be confident that you had enough information to book a holiday on this site?

Add video guides to questions to generate higher quality feedback

Unmoderated testing can lead to poor quality feedback due to confusion or misinterpretation of the user test.

Add video guides that give context to your research and campaigns. Explain where they’ll see the assets and how you want them to interact with it. Ensuring quality Marketing insights.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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