Ballpark for Figma Prototype Testing

User testing for Figma Prototypes

Ballpark fits right into your design workflow with no additional plugins needed. Grab your Figma link and you’re good to go!

It’s as simple as pasting a link

Ballpark requires no plugins, design software or code. Just grab your Figma prototype link and paste it in.

We also support Smart Animate so your prototypes can get as close to the real-thing as possible. Easily get started with a Figma prototype template which you can customise for your project.

Follow up with tasks, survey questions and much more

Once your participant has tested your Figma prototype, choose from dozens of ways to follow-up with additional questions or tasks.

From multiple choice questions, rating scales or 5 second tests, we’ve got every combination covered.

Record the screen, front-facing camera and microphone

Want to see exactly how participants used your Figma prototype and reacted to your designs?

Ballpark gives you the choice of recording the participants screen, front-facing camera and microphone to give you rich feedback on the good and bad.

There nothing for your participants to download and install either. Everything works in the browser.

Analyse your Figma prototypes with goal completion, bounce rates, misclicks and more

Gain deeper insights on the usability of your Figma prototypes by setting goals and tracking which participants converted.

Quickly see which participants ran into problems and iterate faster than ever before.

Add video instructions to help guide participants through your Figma prototype

Add pre-recorded video guides that play alongside your Figma prototype to help provide context to any question.

Make your unmoderated Figma prototype testing feel more personal and generate higher quality answers from participants.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

See Ballpark in action, join our weekly demo every Friday.Register here.