Ballpark for Product Managers

Build products that you know people will love

Shipping the right features at the right time isn’t easy.

Understanding what users really want is sometimes more art than science. Knowing what to put on the roadmap or when to say ‘No’ requires multiple inputs.

That’s why we made Ballpark to be super flexible in supporting all types of research methods.

Gather responses using surveys or leverage the front-facing camera to hear feedback and see every reaction.

Then, once the results are in, you can share the relevant parts with stakeholders and wider team members.

Ballpark comes with unlimited users for free so you can quickly distribute access to wider team members so everyone can collect and analyse feedback together.

Try Ballpark for free. No credit card required.

Create design surveys, tasks and much more in just a few clicks

Whether you want to quickly put together an NPS survey, test some sketches or create a multi-task test on a prototype, Ballpark can cover every scenerio.

On top of that, Ballpark gives you the option of video and screen recording, meaning you can read, see and hear what participants think about your concepts, features or live product.

Get that in-the-room experience with video guides

Scaling research is difficult, there’s only so many hours in your calendar to jump on calls.

We’ve solved that by enabling you to add your own pre-recorded audio or video to help participants to provide high quality answers.

Scale to hundreds or even thousands of participants with a single test and get rich, detailed feedback without the time and effort.

Read the data or watch the videos

We know that feedback comes in all shapes and sizes.

In some situations a simple multiple choice survey will do, in others it needs to be rich audio and video feedback.

Ballpark covers all bases with a mix of surveys, video and screen recording, meaning you’ll be able to create the exact time of research you need for the moment.

Test Figma prototypes or even live sites

Ballpark fits right into your design workflow and supports both Marvel and Figma prototypes meaning you can test anything created by your design team.

If you want to test a live featue, Ballpark supports screen recording so you can watch every click and listen to feedback as it happens.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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