Ballpark for Product Designers

Busy product designers, we know your pain

Today, product designers are expected to wear multiple hats, everything from writing specs, coding to research.

In fact, in most organisations the design and product teams are responsible for the majority of research that takes place.

With everything else going on, you want to be able to gather feedback, validate designs and move projects forward with as little time and effort possible.

That's why we think you'll love Ballpark.

It acts as a natural extension of your design workflow and allows you to test concepts, surveys, prototypes and pretty much anything else in just a few clicks.

Ballpark can record the audio, video and screen during your test giving you rich feedback that feels like you’re in the room. Oh and our video guides make your unmoderated research feel more human and in-person than anything you've used before.

Try Ballpark for free. No credit card required.

Create design surveys, tasks and much more in just a few clicks

We know that feedback comes in all shapes and sizes. Some days you want to test a few sketchs and other days only a full-blown animated prototype will do.

Ballpark covers all bases with a mix of surveys, video and screen recording, meaning you can read, see and hear what participants think about your creative output.

Watch how participants complete your tasks and listen to their feedback

Ballpark gives you granular control over what type of feedback you need on each step of your survey or test. If you need more than written answers, you can gather rich media in just a few clicks.

Use the front-facing camera to capture audio and video feedback or even record the screen to see your task through the eyes of the participant.

Video guides that save your calendar

Encourage higher quality responses by adding pre-recorded video instructions alongside your questions and tasks. Get all of the quality of moderated testing, without the hassle of scheduling tons of interviews.

Test Figma prototypes or even live sites

Eliminate your design guesswork with our Figma integration. Validate your wireframes, mockups and hi-fidelity prototypes by simply pasting a link. Add survey questions and video guides alongside your prototype to get super rich and detailed feedback at the concept stage.

Need to test a live website? We’ve got you covered, simply add a link and watch participants as they navigate through the site.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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