Ballpark for Design Leadership

Drive organisation change by making research more inclusive

The demand for knowledge is skyrocketing within digital and product-led businesses.

With more and more teams focusing on understanding customers, the pressure for insights is intense.

From the top-down there is a growing belief that improvements in digital experiences is a competitive advantage as consumers and customers demand more from the services they use everyday.

The solution isn’t to hire more researchers (there’s not enough to meet the demand anyway) but it’s to democratise the process and lower the barrier to bring more people in.

Ballpark is our answer in making research faster, easier and more accessible. We empower everyone to learn and get answers to the questions that make better experiences for customers.

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Conduct research using surveys, video or audio

We know that each project has a different audience and objective, therefore you need several methods to gather feedback.

Ballpark takes a hybrid approach with a wide range of survey, video, audio and screen recording options to add to your test and create the perfect study, which you can see in our range of design and product research templates.

Unlimited team members on every plan to unlock org-wide productivity

It’s hard to shift behaviour when only a handful of people have access to tools.

With Ballpark, there’s no limit on how many people you can add from your company, meaning every team gets a seat at the table and moves faster, together.

Simple enough for any role to gather insights

Forward thinking businesses believe that there is no one owner of customer experience - it’s everyone’s job to understand and improve the experience for customers.

Yet the tools to do that are either too complicated or limited to a specific role, making it harder to democratise research.

Our test builder takes minutes to create a test, with a simple drag and drop interface.

Share insights and results across the company

Share the link with stakeholders so they can see how questions and tasks are performing in real-time.

Need to dive in deeper? Click on any individual response to jump to that exact timestamp in the recording.

Nothing to install, get started instantly

No javascript snippet or dev work is required to get up and running with Ballpark.

Your participants don’t need to install anything either, meaning higher converting tests and more results.

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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