Ballpark for Researchers

Create new pathways to learning and unlock research productivity

We've spoken to hundreds of researchers about the pain they are experiencing supporting data-hungry organisations.

Servicing research requests is becoming increasing difficult, in fact most teams say they can only fulfil around 50% of requests each year.

Our mission at Ballpark is to help meet the newfound demand by democratising research, making it more accessible to the wider business.

By making research faster, easier and more inclusive, we’ll give everyone the power to get answers to the questions that make better experiences for customers.

That’s why we think you’ll love Ballpark.

It’s built for lean, rapid research and mixes the simplicity of surveys with the richness of audio and video feedback. With dedicated features for product design, marketing and research it’s the perfect solution for rich, personal and scalable research.

Gather and share insights, including individual results with your colleagues, stakeholders and teams. Ballpark comes with unlimited users for free so everyone can get started in just a few clicks.

Try Ballpark for free. No credit card required.

Gather feedback via surveys, video responses and screen recording

We know that every project is unique. Depending on the objective or audience you may need several ways to gather responses.

Ballpark covers all bases with a range of surveys, video and screen recording. Mix and match any combination to create your perfect research study. Check out our most popular research templates to see all the ways you can use Ballpark.

Video guides make unmoderated testing feel more human

Running moderated tests gives you high quality insights but is often too time-consuming to scale beyond a handful of interviews.

We’ve solved that by enabling you to add your own pre-recorded audio or video to help participants to provide high quality answers.

Scale to hundreds or even thousands of participants with a single test and get rich, detailed feedback without the time and effort.

Invite unlimited stakeholders to view results and insights

Share a link to meaningful insights or even individual results at the click of a button.

If your stakeholders need more reguarly updates, you can add them to your account and control access to what they can and can’t see.

Coming soon: Upload a list of participants or just share a link to your test

If you already have a list of users or staff members that you want to test with, no problem. Upload your CSV and they are ready to become your in-house participants.

Alternatively just copy and paste the link to your test anywhere on the web!

Ballpark is a faster way to certainty

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